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"This boy can really sing"

- Show Music Magazine, New York

At the age of 11, Beven first appeared on our screens in Channel 10’s Young Talent Time in which he starred for over 6 years. The kid in the lemon slacks, a skinny tie, and who can forget that mullet!

Beneath it all was a kid who could sing...and since has become one of the country’s most notable corporate performers.

"a strong voice...this boy can really sing" Show Magazine, New York.

With a voice that can soar through numbers like This Is The Moment, ballads such as Unchained Melody, swing classics like Mack The Knife and dance numbers like Superstition...Beven is in high demand.

He’s treaded the boards, written and recorded his own music, entertained millions on morning television, produced CD’s and continues to share the stage with Aussie greats Kate CeberanoSylvie Paladino, and on Hayman joined Dannii Minogue on stage for a surreal “flashback” moment.

In a rather ad-hoc moment, Rove Live’s Peter Hellier, together with Melbourne’s comedic trio Tripod, penned a song about Beven’s life which soared to No. 1 on the Triple JJJ Top 50 - Beven The Musical 

Always in the spotlight, Beven is a natural born entertainer with a powerful and versatile voice available to host, perform and even produce corporate performances and productions, weddings, major events, galas, fundraisers, festivals and special events.

Beven has loved his time over the past 5 years working as a guest entertainer on over 50 cruise ships and more recently adores his role as Cruise Director working on the stunning Viking Ocean ships, travelling the world doing what he loves.


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